Thursday, June 26, 2008

late night meddling

I am a busybody. I confess. But I am a busybody with a heart.

My upstairs neighbor died sometime in April (not IN the apartment). It was a sad and sudden occasion - he was a young guy, he dropped dead unexpectedly, he'd just moved in because he was separated from his wife. He had a cat, which I can hear at night galloping around the apartment. So last night some people came and loaded up a truck with stuff from that apartment, leaving it (I gather) empty. And still the cat is doing laps up there.

This makes me sad and mad too, because this poor kitty had a master who just never came home one day. And every so often someone comes and feeds him, but mostly he's alone. So I sat down and wrote an anonymous note of the pleading variety: something along the lines of "your cat deserves a good home - if you can't take him in yourself, don't abandon him." As if they weren't aware of this already.

Still. It had to be said! I included the address of the local animal shelter in case they just can't keep it. I don't think that puts me in the category of passive-aggressive note writer. Does it?