Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Soon, you will be as cheese...

melty, melty.

All obscure references to superheroes on Nickelodeon aside, Bibliofilly has been without air conditioning throughout the little heat wave that started Saturday and averaged 96 degrees every day. I've been using fans (sometimes 2 at a time), long soaks in cold tubs, and extended trips to cooler places as my main means of survival. Unfortunately, the resultant sleep deprivation and frustration with my apartment building's maintenance team has made me a tired, angry little teddy bear.

In a true act of devotion and kindness LOML offered to put me up in luxurious air-conditioned comfort, and even went so far as to say that Harry could come along as well (both of us knowing full well that LOML is allergic to Harry), and I relented Sunday night, but sans cat. Getting Harry to go in the car is an exercise in getting covered in cat hair, as well as scratches, and his anxiety level while in the car makes even a short trip seem like an ordeal. Translation: he usually poops himself. So, I slept alone these past few nights, sweltering and seething. Fortunately the weather has broken - and the maintenance people are coming out again to re-check the AC. I may reenact Crime and Punishment (complete with hatchet and fevered demeanor) if something doesn't happen soon.