Saturday, January 19, 2008

don't know where to go with this, but...

I had to tell someone.

There is a man who is in the library every Saturday that I am here, probably all the others too. He makes it his business to at least once fart very loudly in the reference room.

People! They're beautiful, scary, and highly addictive to watch!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Felines now for the Future

It's not time yet for a new cat, mostly because Harry WILL shred me in my sleep if I bring another little bundle of joy into the house, but I've reached a decision: my next cat will be a solidly built gray boy and I will name him Henry Rollins.

Interestingly, the real Hank did once have a cat, and he was a beauty.
Well, Harry is doing fine today. He may have been just having a hairball, not to mention that it's dry in my apartment due to the heat being on. He's going to the vet soon anyway - when I go to (*snif!*) pick up Little Girl's ashes I will make an appointment.

Still no word from CBG, and I don't have the interest in pursuing him, to be perfectly honest. In time, I'm sure we'll talk. Not right now! I'm laying low, getting to bed early most nights, and just trying to get used to the place without LG around. I'm still looking for her when I come home! I expect her to come out of the bedroom or jump down from the couch. No dice! :-(

I'm a little surprised at how little CBG comes to mind lately. It all seems like a weird interlude. The only thing that bothers me about it is that YET AGAIN, I will be single on Valentine's Day. Meh, I'll be on a business trip anyway. I'll be in Steamboat Springs, CO - hey, I should stay a couple days and take a ski lesson or something, no? Never know who's going to be on the slopes...

Monday, January 14, 2008

Can we make this a slam dunk?

Harry was dry-heaving this morning when I woke up.

This would be news not unimportant of itself, but given the loss of his sister last week, and the guilt I'm experiencing over not getting her to the vet sooner, it's wonder I'm not at the vet right now.

Coupled with the fact that this recent minor tragedy has cemented my opinion that Comic Book Guy is NOT the one for me, I am batting 0 for 400. I'm just wondering how else I can mix my sports metaphors to reflect my darkish outlook at the moment.