Saturday, February 02, 2008

bring this one back

He's out of my age range, I'm afraid, but I listen to older people when they come in to the library. I like to. They have something to say. This gent is a gardener. Wants to find indigenous plants. "I have the internet, but I'm too old for that," he says. I start to protest and he says, "People say you're never too old, but I have a house in Italy," he explains, and I get it: for someone who wants to dig in the dirt and watch things grow, the Internet doesn't have relevance. I give him the phone number for Burpee so he can get a catalog and gorge himself on glorious color photos of plants (a nice activity on a blustery gray afternoon, by the way) and suggest he call Rutgers' horticulture department and see if they have a list of retailers who sell the plants they mentioned in a recent news article. "You're a honey," he tells me, and winks, and I am tranformed into a girl in a pink twin set and pearls and it's 1949.


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