Saturday, December 08, 2007

I love a mystery - water edition

Just got back from a site visit to McKinney, TX, north of Dallas-Fort Worth. Now I'm hot on the research trail to find out just what in the HELL makes their water supply so foul.

It's clear, but smells like it's pumped straight out of a swamp. The smell is actually nauseating, which made showering an interesting experience. I brushed my teeth with bottled water. In restaurants I ordered sodas with no ice, because as I found to my sorrow, all the ice cubes are made with the nasty stuff. So were lemonade and iced teas, not to mention coffee. Oy!

Now I have known people who have wells on their property, and the water was just fine. Some families in the hamlet where I grew up had what they referred to as "sulfur water," which had a distinctive odor of strong sulfur, sometimes like rotten eggs. But the taste could be gotten used to, especially if you reminded yourself of its supposed benefits, much like the water to be found in Saratoga. But Texas water - YUCK! Don't do it. It could be its own Fear Factor challenge!