Thursday, October 11, 2007

miss match 12 - an even dozen

Okay, guys, I gave up and quit Match. I just wasn't happy with the people I was seeing who are actually geographically feasible, it's expensive, and I found a new site that's free! It's called OKCupid and the quiz you see below is from there.

OKCupid is a fun site that is designed for matchmaking, and caters to, but is not limited to, dating of all stripes - long term, short term, "intimate." They also have a category for "friends" which means you can just look for like-minded people to hang out with or pursue your favorite activities alongside. It also takes the pressure off potential dating scenarios, since you can frame things as being friends first, which is what I actually prefer. Match is a little too serious, a little too "I want the love of my life." Hey, I might be looking for the love of my life (ultimately...), but I want the experience to be fun!

So OKCupid has myriad personality quizzes and a journal option that lets you lay down what you're thinking about and see who responds.

Oh, and Comic Book Guy is from this website also. We met last Saturday! He is loads of fun! I actually want to keep seeing him! That, right there, is reason enough this website is better, I think.

yeah, I figured

Your Score:
Mostly Hobbes

You are 30% Calvin and 70% Hobbes

You've got elements of both Calvin and Hobbes, but over all, your sensible side wins out over your wild streak, and you tend toward the tiger. As the picture below indicates, the head is the first place that people usually turn to the darkside (i.e. Calvin): symptoms include irresponsible behavior and crazy ideas. You're liable to both. But beneath that you have a heart, a sensitive side, and this more often than not carries the day.

Link: The Calvin Or Hobbes Test written by gwendolynbooks on OkCupid, home of the The Dating Persona Test