Saturday, September 29, 2007

miss match 11a

There is a trend developing for people I gave up on to reappear.

I contacted someone interesting three weeks ago, thinking it was enormously unlikely that there might be more than one single (and straight) landscape designer in Lambertville and that the gent in question might actually be someone I met at a party, a few years ago. Well, he wasn't, but we chatted momentarily and he said he liked my profile and then he disappeared.

In the meantime, many other things happened, and sad to say, because it seems unkind - these people *are* human beings, after all - I left him by the wayside. You snooze, you lose.

Earlier this week I received an email from him apologizing for being so busy and wanting to establish some kind of connection again. I replied, but not too effusively, and he disappeared for a few days, only to email me again this morning that he was sorry he'd done it again, and that he is undergoing a very busy time right now, but that he won't be busy forever.

I sense that he is sincere, but in truth I have been emailing and texting and talking to someone from another website since about the same time Mr. Garden Designer was first on the scene. This other someone, whom I call Comic Book Guy (he does work in a comic store, but he bears very little resemblance to the Simpsons character - thank God), is developing into someone I am very intrigued by indeed. He has a great vocabulary (this is sexier than some might think, to me anyway), has read widely, and so far seems to be the correct blend of insightful and compassionate with witty and multifaceted. He's invited me to an early Halloween party already.

As I mentioned before, the window is everything. You have a short amount of time to get from first glances to moving in closer, and I think Mr Garden Designer's ship has sailed. Or is it that he didn't cultivate the seedlings well enough?

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Miss Match 11

So, when last I said anything I was mentioning that there was a Match guy I was interested in, I believe. We had been emailing each other for a solid week and had graduated to texting and also had a lengthy phone conversation. He is very cute in his pictures, seems funny and charming but not too off the wall, and everything was very promising. We set a date to meet and see how we felt in person.

The day arrived and I got a text asking to postpone the meeting. It was a big news day and, not unusual for him, he had to work a double shift. Fine, I said, not wanting to appear bitchy. And then, there was nothing.

I'm not a stickler for manners on any given day. Use whatever fork you want. As long as you're not covered in what you're eating, go ahead and eschew the napkin if you will. But it did seem to me odd that in asking to "postpone" my new friend hadn't offered any alternate plans. And as I waited, it became clear he had no intention of doing so. Annoyed, I wrote a scant two lines and asked if he was still interested. A few days later, I received a reply that he had a lot on his plate and that he would like to meet, "eventually."

There is a window of opportunity when one is participating in any kind of romance, and especially the electronic kind. The sparks that may have flown as you emailed each other will grow cold very quickly without a meeting in the flesh to make things real, unless you maintain contact in another way. Well, we missed our window.

Mr TV News Guy (okay, he runs the satellite truck, actually) sends me a text every so often in the guise of "staying in touch" still. I respond, but I haven't gotten too excited that these messages mean anything. It's a little sad - well, disappointing anyway. But I've had an "occasional" companion before, and it consisted of a lot of broken dates and vague or superficially nice communiques. He was a nice kisser, but in the end I wanted more. So I'm moving on, and Mr. TV News can either go live or stop the feed.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Philly Phun

Saturday I went to Philly with young Scott and two of his chums to see the Mountain Goats, who I dearly love, and we all shared a hotel room so as to avoid having to designate a driver. It was a very warm and fuzzy experience and I found myself after a few drinks continuing a flirtation with one of the previously-mentioned chums that had begun a week before.

Have I lost my mind, playing pat-a-cake with someone I was old enough to babysit when he was born? I can't say that it's at all serious. I don't even know the boy's last name. We haven't gotten to know each other by chatting so much as we participate in group banter. But he has hazel-green eyes to die for.