Saturday, September 15, 2007

Respect the Law

Last night I coasted through a yellow light as it was turning red and got myself my very first ticket ever. The cop who pulled me over asked if I'd been drinking and I judiciously said it was too early for me and left out the part about being on my way to the bar. Anyway, he handed me my ticket and wished me a nice evening and - here's the funny bit - I THANKED HIM. For an $85 ticket.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

odds 'n' ends

My check engine light went off yesterday. I am going to take the car for a spin later and see if it stays off. If it does, I'm cancelling my appointment at the dealership and chalking it up to the same old problem I always had of a loose gas cap. Grrr.

I am unreasonably excited, for once, about a guy from Match! This new fella is my age, works in the TV news, and is very cute in his pictures. We have been emailing and texting each other steadily for the past week. A meeting is imminent. Really, he is much more interesting than all the others before put together. And so far he hasn't done anything that makes me think of a first meeting with a mixture of dread and curiosity; I am genuinely excited and at the same time comfortable with it. And very, very nervous. I think he's out of my league. But I've heard it said (somewhat cynically) that love is often a feeling of appreciating your partner so much that you feel you got a way better deal than your partner did. So who knows?

At the very least, we can find out how understanding he is about hair disasters.

Last night I colored my hair, which had over the summer gotten pretty bleached out by the sun and salt and chlorine. I knew that my hair was a little fragile because of this, so I used a shade of auburn I thought would cover things well and left it on the briefest amount of time I could. Well, the tint was all wrong - deep, almost orangey red instead of coppery - because my hair is a little porous. It's not that it's a bad color, but it's just nothing like my actual color. It's too dark and it's not the right range. This too shall pass - hey, maybe people will like it!