Tuesday, July 03, 2007

miss match 6

I've met a nerd!

The sister site of Match, Chemistry, seems to actually be working better. Damn right it should, at $50 a month. :-)

I've gotten together with my nerd three times in the past week. At first I have to say, I wasn't completely swept off my feet. He was very nervous and did a lot of the talking. Fortunately he was interesting and I cut him some slack. We met and had ice cream the next night after I worked at the library. We sat and talked long after the ice cream was gone. We had lunch yesterday and we're probably going to do something for the Fourth (hmmm....fireworks?)

You know what, when things go well, it's boring, isn't it? :-)

He is my age, he's also not from the area so he gets the whole outsider thing, and he makes me laugh. This is what is important.

We have very little in common as far as interests except in the most general sense - he loves live music and reading, but he's way into folk and science fiction. I mean, WAY. He's going this weekend to a Heinlein convention and it's not unusual for him to attend other scifi-type gatherings. I have always appreciated scifi, but it has never ruled my life. Oh, and he's really into going to ren faires. He actually dresses up. I've never been to one, but I could see doing it. I mean, I could now. :-)

The things I just mentioned would probably have been serious dealbreakers for me until I started wondering if they might not actually be enormous fun if I tried them, so I'm not giving up yet. Yes, I am aware that the coolness factor is about zilch. But being cool and alone is not as enjoyable as being uncool and having fun with someone who makes you smile.

Anyway, there will be a hiatus of Match-related reportings until bibliofilly knows a little more.

Have a safe and happy Fourth, everyone!

you can call me anything but don't call me late for dinner

The other night I went out for a late night with Miriam in the city. We sat in the window at Lakeside Lounge and just got mellow till the bar closed. Along the way, we met a young woman of diminutive size who was rocking the skinny jeans and tunic look (you can only be skinny to have this work - trust me). She also had the most amazing tattoos all over her neck and shoulders, and no, I didn't get a picture.

At any rate, she got to talking to Miriam (because Miriam always attracts the attention of people wherever she goes, and manages to get them talking) and she mentioned that she's raising a five year old girl in Orlando, FL and that it's hard to be surrounded by Disney when that's not what you want your child to expect of the world, and then she mentioned her daughter's name: Mantis.

Best. Name. Ever.

"I just want her to grow up smart about men," her mom deadpanned, "because men can f!*k you up." Little Mantis isn't in danger of hating her name when she grows up. She wants to be a vampire this Halloween, complete with dripping fangs.