Tuesday, April 24, 2007

purring like a korean kitten

I just laid down almost as much money as I did in a down payment for this car for repairs and maintenance. 60,000 miles only comes every 60,000 miles or so, I guess.

Not to belabor the point, and reasonenough knows this one already, but remember when $20 seemed like a lot of money and you could make it last all week? You slowly got used to withdrawing $40, then $60, then maybe $80 at a time from the ATM and you were careful to make it stretch so that you still had money for after-work drinks and cab fare home if you needed it. Later on you had to buy furniture, or new computer equipment, and hundreds piled up. That wasn't so bad either once you did it a few times. I hardly blinked when I paid $650 for a couch (okay, that was actually a steal).

So here I was today, replacing the timing belt. And the water pump, and all the other belts, and cleaning the fuel injectors and flushing the air conditioning and tranmission and replacing a tire and - heck - throw in an oil change and new windshield wipers. And the bill was over $1400, and I paid it without even a second thought. I just drove away in a car that felt tighter and drove better, and the engine was barely audible, like when it was brand new.

I will make you all admire my car when you see me now, because that is where all my money has gone. It's not as exciting as new boots or a better TV. But I am determined to derive the same amount of pleasure from it. Trip to France? Hell no! I got the Kia serviced! Worth every penny. That's peace of mind I paid for, son.

Or something.

girls with guns

Yes, with my women's outdoor activity club I learned how to shoot both a rifle and a pistol last Saturday. I'm not going to join the NRA anytime soon, but it was FUN! The potential for stress relief was obvious and immediate. I may have found a new hobby.

I am far left, rear. Not the most flattering photo, but I look as pleased as I really was.