Thursday, March 22, 2007

Girl Scout Cookie Season

If you don't know what else to do with that box of Thin Mint cookies (as if this EVER happens),
line a pie plate with whole cookies and fill it with softened mint chocolate chip ice cream, then top with a few crushed cookies. Freeze until solid again and serve mit Schlag.

Also, if you didn't already get yours, the new Lemonades cookies are quite yummy, if you like lemon creme on shortbread. Highly recommended!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My eyes!

Two posts in one day! After weeks of silence! Whatthehell.

Guy walks up to me at the info. desk last night with a magazine in hand.

"Did you ever see THIS?" he asks excitedly, showing a page.

Foolish librarian, I thought. You were ready to help with a question.

"Yeah, I saw that once on the internet," I said truthfully. "It gave me a migraine." Also truthfully.

The fella walked away, visibly disappointed that he hadn't shown me something new and exciting. Or maybe he was flirting with me. Who can say? Although it was a weird exchange, I couldn't help but feel a little bad that I couldn't be as entertaining as he wanted. I wanted him to come back so he could wave the picture in my face some more as I fought nausea and dizziness.

What is wrong with me, anyway?

I enjoy being a churl

Okay, no I don't . But as the noontime invites drift in to go get free ices or free iced coffees I find myself doing my usual dance of "Thanks, but no thanks."

It seems strange, but despite living alone, I still find that I value my time to myself. Rather late in life I am discovering that I just don't have a "group" mentality. I don't need to go to lunch in a pack of people. I sometimes join the folks in the office, who go to lunch together every day and send out memos inviting each other. I can't seem to bring myself to feel like it's necessary every day. I am a bad pack member. I would probably wind up being that one that went off on its own and ends up freezing to death in a snowbank, like in those nature films about wolves.

But hey, by the way, Happy Spring First!