Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Snuggle is just a fabric softener

Now that I can't tell you what I had for lunch, not that I would (okay, fine, I had a BLT and some Italian wedding soup), I have to come up with something else. How about another cliche - I will complain about how Valentine's Day stuff has been out for a month now.

'kay, it's a little touchy for me - Stacey hasn't had a date since July. I'm not feeling all that sad about it personally - I have too much on my plate to deal with and throwing a new person into the mix would not be a good option. In fact, right now, in my sleep-deprived state the closest thing to romantic I can think of would be taking a nap with someone cuddly. Perhaps I should check out one of those cuddle parties.

I missed it again

As a former resident of the hamlet of East Aurora, NY, as well as a graduate of the University at Buffalo, it is with great regret that I acknowledge I missed Millard Fillmore's birthday for the 207th time. Not only did I miss the little graveside ceremony, but apparently I missed the opportunity to see the old Know-Nothing himself reporting on current events in Washington.

It is rumored that my old hometown is a central location for lots of weirdness in the area, including a cemetery rumored to be for aborted infants and a church for mediums. That they stage a reincarnation of America's 13th and most forgotten president should not come as any surprise.