Friday, January 26, 2007

U and me

This morning I awoke from a night's slumber flat on my back atop my anti-reflux wedge pillow, which probably left me snoring heavily in the dry air. Yes, America, I am a woman and I snore.

Every doctor I have ever been to tells me that I have gigantic tonsils and they are amazed I still have them. There's a lot of loose tissue flapping around in back there, and this morning the biggest, tenderest part of all was my uvula. I spent ten minutes gargling and gently bathing it until it didn't feel quite so sore. Just thought you should know this. And I just like saying "uvula."

A friend of a friend who also happens to be a very kickass librarian (and he survived years at NY Public Library, a sure sign of toughness) had an operation to have his uvula taken out. He had really bad apnea, apparently. It brings me to my second most-favorite word of the day,
uvuless. I believe he coined it.

Anyway, I was just thinking this morning...I think I will write a series of children's stories about two girls in late Victorian/Edwardian times having adventures together. I will call them Uvula and Ernestine. Too bad Edward Gorey can't do the illustrations.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

to the Hostess cupcake in my desk drawer

stolen chocolate bliss
I glance at your white top curls
and think “cream inside”