Friday, January 19, 2007

Dreaming in Dewey

Well, it finally happened. Yesterday I had a rather detailed conversation with a colleague about how we assess a customer's needs for particular subject areas (in this case, graphic novels, a genre librarians like to pretend they are great advocates of to boost their "cool librarian" image).
I dreamt that night about being surrounded by heaps and heaps of manga and comics of all descriptions, and every object in the room had a proper Dewey number affixed to it, such as the chair having a 749 on it). I'm actually surprised, given the nature of my job (searching databases and scrolling through hundreds of bibliographic records an hour) that Dewey has not figured into more of my dreams.

Oh, by the way, did I mention that I had my 10-year anniversary recently? Yep, I've been a liberrian for 10 years now. Still not sure how it's working out.

Monday, January 15, 2007

My Carafe

As promised. I owe a great big shout out to Run-DMC and "My Adidas."

My ca-rafe
it keeps my coffee hot
so it don't burn in the pot
it looks real cool,
it was made in Sweden
it works for whatever
beverage you're needing
it was cheap, but it's real stylin'
it keeps me warm and it keeps me smilin'
That jug was a bargain and that's no laugh
But you better keep your hands off MY CARAFE!


speaking of poetry...

the spams I am getting in my work email are simply musical.

Countries, wakeup call our planet nobu.
Bow dawson, centhalle olsencolin monkkeanu careypaula, reidlatoya.
Forbest, wishes tone moore, xxx pmangelina ia would.
Jon cf pittposted, skankbgone may ampost personal.
Soar mach pair peek crawls.
Datzelfde keerde terug witte doek.
Should enjoys, nice annoyed storms?
Austerlitz quartet caused phenomenon thrilling treason.
Guava uchuva ground chile, pepperthe citrus, orange lemon.
Countries, wakeup call our planet nobu.