Thursday, June 07, 2007

great. terrific

I was invited by the library director to come and join her and the library staff and the Friends group as they presented a scholarship to one of the circulation clerks who is also a full-time college student.

As we stood about enjoying brownies and freshly-baked devil's food cake still warm from the oven, a clerk came in and said to me, "There's a little boy out here who needs a book," and I said, without thinking, IN FRONT OF EVERYONE, "Oh, I don't do little boys."

Laughter, thank goodness, and the gratitude of my library's director, who said that she certainly hoped not.

This moment would be about a 5 out of 10 on the embarrass-o-meter. Not as bad as farting in front of the Queen of England. Not as bad as dropping all your tampons out of your purse in front of your (male) boss (I say from experience). But worse than forgetting the name of someone you've spoken to more than once, or speaking too loudly in a suddenly quiet room. In my humble opinion.


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