Wednesday, May 09, 2007

scope this out

Today I went and had an endoscopy done for my upper GI tract. All I have to say about it is how quickly it was over, and how great the drugs must have been.

They started the IV and the doctor said, "Goodnight," and I was immediately woozy. "Woohoo," I said, like a party girl feeling her martinis, and then I remember nothing. Then I was awake having apple juice. An hour had passed. In less than another hour I got up and walked out. True story!

I have a sore throat and I'm a little wobbly and lightheaded. I've been warned not to make any major decisions or drink anything. Those are good rules for everyday life, no?

Next week I'll find out what's wrong with me, and hopefully the gastric reflux will be taken care of for once and all. It's been an on-again, off-again companion for fifteen years, but in all honesty, because many of the things that make it worse are those I love the best (spicy food, fried food, onions, garlic, tomato-based anything, alcohol) I wouldn't mind it if we drifted apart for good. Some companions are no friends at all.


Blogger karen said...

Glad it was quick and had good drugs - I think that's about the best you can hope for with a procedure like that. Sabres will need us next seems like our watching in the Hillside living room is imperative for them to win.

5/12/2007 01:02:00 AM  

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