Thursday, April 12, 2007

At The Library

I am not that standoffish a person, I don't think. I try to be open and as friendly as I can be given my current mood and hormone level. Some advice for you, sir, who seemed so bewildered by my iciness:

1. If you approach me for help, it's not necessary to lean over the desk till I can see all your dental work.
2. Coming around behind the reference desk "to see better" is also not encouraged. Allow me to swing the screen out so you can see what I'm doing. As if you'll remember what I did anyway. I smelled the liquor on your breath in #1.
3. If something on a website excites you and you can't wait to write it down, ask me for a pen. Don't attempt to grab the one I am writing your ILL request with.
4. If I ask for your library card, hand it to me, don't hold it out 3 feet away from my face. I can't see that far. Reading off the barcode while I type won't help me, either.

That is all. For now, anyway.

I love public service! I do believe in fairies!


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