Wednesday, November 15, 2006

wedded weirdness

perhaps a cat

Okay, so a concession to womanhood for the groom is that she needs pretty things, or perhaps something cute and furry. And the bride's concession is that young men "may forget" their promises. So in other words, if the groom makes some transgression of his wedding vows, he can make it all better with one of the items listed above? Would that be like "Honey, I slept with the neighbor's wife,'s a cat!"

Does the number of cats in a household indicate the number of times the husband has done something stupid and had to apologize?

Also, mentioning pans and cats in the same sentence makes me think of cooking pets, and that's not right.


I started using the Beta version of Blogger, and I see that the comments I've gotten from people are now labeled "anonymous." Not that I get many comments to begin with.

Interestingly, I did find a comment buried deep in the vault of my previous entries that was not anonymous - the commenter had gone the extra mile to make sure I'd see who it was and written in their name.

Cast your minds (if not your browsers) back to April 20, when I lamented that the most recent foray in dating at the time had been a dud. My loyal friend C. wrote a passionate response to the comment made by the dud dude in question, addressing him directly if not succintly and defending a) my honor and b) the worthiness of men in this part of the country. It was a warm and touching gesture. Well, imagine my surprise to find that some months later the object of C.'s bile wrote yet again, this time an attempt at indicting my friend's loyalty, as if this comes as a surprise.

I am still hard-pressed to understand why it would be of much interest to read the thoroughly mediocre online diary of someone who has made it clear that they are not losing sleep over your absence. My first thought was to be flattered; then I realized that no, it had nothing to do with me and my sparkling bons mots, or there would be comments on other entries since then. This was someone who was more impressed with what *he* had to say, and he was checking back to see what impact he'd had.

This is indeed an open forum and I wouldn't dream of censoring whatever comments get left here. The funny thing is that they don't reflect on me at all, but on the people who leave them. By that I mean that if someone wants to add further ammunition to my assertion that they are an asshole, then by all means, go right ahead. I'm not whining at all. I'm also not the one who keeps coming back.