Saturday, July 22, 2006

What are you thinking and obsessing about?

The last Great Purge included a page torn from the Utne Reader with the above title. It was a long checklist of stuff that people had written in about. Well, mine's just a list, because it sort of depresses me to talk in any depth about any one of these subjects. Interestingly, the low-grade ennui and crankiness I feel is shared by just about everyone I work with, as well as some people I only see occasionally. I blame barometric pressure and Mercury being retrograde. We're having a group cranky.

1. Money. How am I ever going to get ahead if my expenses don't stop?

2. Health. If I eat right and exercise, is it okay to be a little overweight? Do I look fat in this?

3. Boys. Do I really want a relationship, or is all this border-skirmish dating just me stubbornly attempting to prove I *could* have one?

4. Career. How much longer can I stay at my job? Should I wait till I really hate it or leave while I still have positive thoughts?

5. Family. Is there ever going to be a time when I am not caught up in some drama?

6. Passions. What do I live my life for, anyway? At the end of the day it's more than 9-to-5 and home again to watch TV. Am I reaching enough for the things I want to do?

I will locate my sense of humor soon, I promise. Till then think about words you hate and why. My short list includes:

- supper (It sounds lower-class to me.)

- holler (ditto)

- scone (because I hate the way my mom pronounces it as "scun")

- meal (as in "let's go out for a meal sometime." Ugh. The only people who get meals are convicts and people in hospitals.)

- pluot (it sounds made up because IT IS)

- sickle (makes me think of sickle-cell, which actually makes me feel faint to think about. )

- ditto leukemia or just about anything else blood-related.

- boil (as a type of sore, "carbuncle" isn't any better.)

- pantyhose (I really don't like "panty." or the plural. Adding -hose just magnifies it)

- fetus (one too many right to lifer ruined this one for me.)

- loogie or anything else spit-related

- saying "home" when you mean "house" (realtors are famous for this. It's not a home until someone lives there, darn it!)

- for that matter, saying "realitor" when you mean "realtor" or "reality company" when you mean "realty." It makes me tired.

- "A scissor" instead of "scissors."

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Walk the line

My next trip for work will be Folsom, California. I only ever go to the glamorous places!