Thursday, May 25, 2006

Roller Queen

Inspired by a chat I was having with a pal about his cluttered living space, I went home last night and cleaned the hell out of my closets. I am very clutter-conscious, probably due to having grown up as the offspring of a collector mom and a packrat dad, and will eventually move someplace that will accomodate me and my things more comfortably.

All the same, one thing I cannot seem to part with are my rollerblades. I have great hope that this will be the summer I will get on them and get good at it. Is this *hopelessly* 1998 or is it still OK?

Up for grabs: Singer sewing machine circa 1974. Works beautifully, but I have little use for it. I think once upon a time I had ambitions for making curtains and home decor items. I have since given up on this as manual dexterity is required. Anyway, I really do want it to go to a good home. Offers, anyone?