Wednesday, October 04, 2006

when opportunity knocks...

...try to make a profit.

One of the more ridiculous emails I got from a publisher in recent months arrived in my work inbox this morning. I love the cheery tone, don't you?

This is the same woman who sent out e-blasts for weather reference books when the tsunami hit, and again when Katrina happened. Oh, and when a former prison inmate who co-authored this was the subject of a manhunt for murdering among other people a librarian he'd befriended after his release, she sent us a reminder to buy that book too. I know she has products to sell, but does she really think that the time a tragedy occurs is the right one to hawk reference books? I'm just saying.


In light of the past week’s tragic events, you may want to alert your customers to these important new titles that will help schools in these difficult times. One title is from Heinemann and one from Praeger.

Increase the Peace: A Program for Ending School Violence
by Steven Gevinson, Oak Park and River Forest High School, Illinois
David Hammond and Phil Thompson
Heinemann / 0-325-00952-X / 9/26/06 / DVD + 128pp Instructor’s Guide / $19.50

Violence in America’s Schools: Understanding, Prevention, and Responses
by R. Murray Thomas
Praeger Publishers / 0-275-99329-9 / 10/30/06 / 272pp / Hardcover / $44.95



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