Friday, October 06, 2006

sonic ecstasy

If it wasn't the Mountain Goats last weekend at the Bowery Ballroom (John Darnielle = my new favorite hottie)it was Gomez last night at the Ballroom (okay, I lied, Tom Gray = my new other favorite hottie). And you know what, I get to see Gomez Sunday night in Philly again! I am flushed with anticipation and lit with eagerness. Or is it the other way around?

I hope the poster for the Philly show is as beautiful as the New York posters. It's a silkscreen of buildings at night in steel blue and black with little pinpoints of white. It will perfectly complement the Steichen print of the Flatiron building that hangs in my living room. I used to think I had outgrown rock'n'roll posters as decor, but now I'm sorry I didn't buy the whole trio of these (one for each night, each slightly different).

Funnily enough I had been in a foul mood much of the day yesterday, a hangover from the migraine of the day before and weirded out by my own insecurity. But getting into the car and driving in put some distance between me and that, and the sight of the pale full moon over the city as we went into the tunnel, was all it took. That, and a very full set of the best possible song choices. I was taken out of myself and it was fine.

Bands like Gomez are why I do not like watching concert videos. I hold a somewhat unpopular belief (among my music-listening friends) that concert videos are no good. The experience of being in the same place where music is being played cannot be duplicated. And the energy that was in the Bowery Ballroom last night was actually something you could sink your teeth into, especially when the noise level reached this complete fusion that not only sounded good, it felt good. If you're going to tell me that watching a DVD can approach that, you've obviously never been to a show like this one.

This guy I dated once was a big Dave Matthews fan (strike one), and he only ever went to arena-size shows. He also collected concert DVDs, and he didn't understand how removed and sterile I thought both kinds of performances were. He couldn't even relate when I asked if he'd ever gone to smaller venues, and I thought that was sad. Interestingly, Gomez was the opener for a Dave Matthews show in Camden this summer, and I hope he went. He might have gotten a taste of something different and liked it. I can only hope so.


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