Friday, October 06, 2006

Songs My Boyfriend and I Argued to, 1985-1989.

I was in a Quick Check today and a Level 42 song was playing. Made me recall a fight I had with my boyfriend/high school sweetheart Ron, and started me off down memory lane. I don't remember what most of the fights were about, unfortunately. Probably something related to prom.

1. Level 42, "Love Games" (makeup song was "Something About You")

2. Simple Minds, "Alive and Kicking"

3. Janet Jackson, "When I Think of You"

4. Paula Abdul, "Oppposites Attract"

5. Soul II Soul, "Back 2 Life"

6. Spandau Ballet, "True"

7. Robert Palmer, "I Didn't Mean to Turn You On"

8. Psychedelic Furs, "Heartbreak Beat"

9. The Cars, "Drive"

10. Paul Simon, "Crazy Love" (now that's just prophetic)


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