Friday, July 14, 2006

what are you reading?

I am struggling through John Updike's Terrorist. I think I see where he's going already and I'm only on page 100. It's going to be a slog because, as I tell everyone, I think that reading Updike is a very pleasant experience as long as you don't need to have anything happen. The words drift by, forming beautiful and graceful arabesqes of descriptive prose that occasionally come to a stop and form very long sentences, and you are pulled along, delighted by the interplay of all the syllables and letters and little unforgotten punctuation marks, until you realize that many many pages have gone by and nothing has happened.

On the other hand, I am NOT struggling through Jane and Michael Stern's Two for the Road, the story of how they came to be a travelin' couple in search of good American eats. It's unlike their previous works in that it's more prosy, but good news: there are still recipes accompanying each chapter like a hunk of warm cornbread. Unecessary, but delicious.

Which reminds me - when my car is ready (after $800 worth of brakes) I will depart for Western New York. I have a list of places to re-visit with my niece, who is 7 and does not have such things in Atlanta: Ted's for hot dogs, Schwabl's for a beef on weck, and Anderson's for a frozen custard. Then I will be happy. Then my trip will be complete.


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