Thursday, July 06, 2006

Corporate etiquette

Our dept. vice president was downsized yesterday. She was given the old-school escort out of the building 10 minutes after she found out, so no one knew about it till she was gone.

A lot of people are behaving as though she has just died. They have purchased and are passing around a card for her (not really sure what the card says - "good luck?" - "we'll miss you?"). I think it's too soon to send this to her at home. Who would want to receive that card right after having been canned from over 30 years of service?

Our VP was at best a figurehead, rarely visible, not really involved in our day to day activities. She did advocate for us with management, making sure we had staffing resources, but was pretty sparing with both praise and raises and she was old-fashioned and hierarchical when it came to promotions (one of our best people cannot be promoted although she is already doing the work - because she hasn't completed a library degree, even if her work experience says she is more than qualified).

I just wonder if my lack of mourning is mean-spirited. Am I being a grinch?


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