Tuesday, June 06, 2006


I have reached high geekdom, and it feels goooood.

LibraryThing.com enables you to input the contents of your personal library, or your Amazon wishlist, or any other book list you like, and you can see a graphical representation of it, covers and all, online. You can tag books into sub-collections, write reviews, and sort them any way you wish.

The software searches titles, authors, even ISBNs across Amazon (not just the US version either) and various library catalogs to locate specific editions. You can even import files of ISBNs if you like (be still my heart...)

I am busily tagging books according to how they are collected on my shelves and will let you know when it's ready to view. Did I mention that LibraryThing allows you to see how many other people have the same book, and to peek at their catalogs too? This is so cool!

Yeah, I know what you're thinking. But isn't it cool?


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