Saturday, June 17, 2006

Beans, beans

The theme is beans, as in "where have you bean?" and "what have you bean up to?". I was going for three beans, enough for a salad, but concluded that I didn't want to be a has-bean.


Anyhoo, I just didn't have too much that is newsworthy to tell anyone. My birthday was quiet and uneventful, and I quite enjoyed it that way. It was peaceful enough to where I could finally start writing again, and I've made a little progress on the albatross I think is going to be a novel someday.

The one thing of note that I did want to mention was rediscovering my leafy bower, i.e. the balcony, and making more use of it. Last night after my walk I went out and sat until after dark and finished Other Voices, Other Rooms while the bugs came and found the flames of my citronella bucket candles and the ice in my cosmopolitan got smaller and smaller. I'm on a Southern writers kick again, something I do whenever it gets hot and sultry. I am still digesting portions of Eudora Welty's complete short stories, a volume of over 600 pages, and will move on to the short novels of Flannery O'Connor after that.

Here's what else is on my "to-read" pile:

Brooklyn Follies by Paul Auster (so far it's warm and sentimental, something his regular readers complained about, but it may be enough to keep me with it);

Snowed In by Christine Bartolomeo (about winter in New England, when I get tired of the South) - thanks to Karen for the recommendation;

Women and Love by Shere Hite (I'm not convinced her reports are scientific, but the anecdotes are fascinating and reassuring);

Body Learning by Michael Gelb (I got curious about the different "methods" of posture and breathing and bodywork that are out there - this is about the Alexander Method).

My reading group has just decided on reading The Terrorist by John Updike. I'm not too thrilled, but I forfeited my right to choose when I didn't show up last week (I was still hungover from the night before with coworker S. and his Rutgers pals - long story short, college boys can sure drink a lot).


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