Thursday, May 11, 2006

Bands/Musicians that Are Overrated

This is based on an e-versation with my buddy Andre.

Please don't lynch me. I just question sacred cows. I am not saying these bands/musicians suck, but I am unsure of why they are worshipped. I don't "get" it. If you have documentable reasons, by all means, enlighten me. I am willing to listen.

Coldplay (pretentious, self-absorbed...)
Nirvana (Just a decent band from Seattle. That's all.)
Radiohead (The phenomenon just passed me by. Not curious to know more.)
U2 (The Joshua Tree = the last decent album. The rest = hype.)
The Rolling Stones (ENOUGH already! Retire while the memories are still good, not embarrassing...)
The Doors (pretentious, self-absorbed...)
Bob Dylan (just doesn't speak to me. And his voice is annoying.)
Neil Young (see Bob Dylan)
Billy Joel (when I was 12 I bought Glass Houses on LP and played it 10 times a day everyday until my family begged me to stop. I think I just had my fill. Oh yeah, and "Uptown Girl" is going on the jukebox they have in Hell.)
Bruce Springsteen (I like him personally, I do. Seems like a guy you could hang at the diner with. But damn it, "Jersey Girl," one of his finest songs, was actually written, and sung better, by Tom Waits. I AM liking his recent exploration of folk music, however.)
Dave Matthews Band (weak. An annoying voice. Still, he does really decent things for people in the music biz and for good causes.)

Oh, and I denounce my "underground" "street cred" and publicly admit that although it was influential, Captain Beefheart's music exhausts me, Patti Smith annoys me, and people need to fucking stop jacking the Velvet Underground sound and thinking they're original.

That is all.


Blogger John said...

And Nirvana was suppose to be the best of the bunch. Lets face it, most of the grunge bands were not very good. Neil Young though...I like him. Dylan can write, but can't sing a lick.

Keep up the good blog work

5/12/2006 07:34:00 AM  

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