Friday, April 07, 2006

Getting lost in music online...

It started with this:
Cee-lo and Danger Mouse recorded a song together for the Mouse and the Mask, which was out last fall (, and they're at it again. The new song is top of the chart in the UK and it's not even out yet here till May.

I announce this to coworker Scott, who shoots back a link to the collaboration between MF Doom and Ghostface (who also collaborated on a song for the Mouse and the Mask):

So then I go to the main site for Lex Records and find in the News section an announcement for a release for Subtle, a band I'd never heard of till today that includes videos that won a Best British Animation award, one of which is here:

So I go to check out Warp Records and get even more lost in the universe of music available there. Mind you, this is all stuff that sounds really cool to me and I want to hear more of. How does one ever stay on top of all of this? None of it is major-release, you're not going to see advertisements for shows in mainstream media, and if you don't know where they are on the web you may never see or hear them at all. But I really have this sense that I've touched something worth exploring. You know, in my spare time.

I've had band envy before. My incredibly music-hungry friend M. (where are you, Miriam?) goes to shows and learns about new bands constantly. My problem is that I hear so many things that I like a lot, I could never keep up. It starts like this: you go see a band at a small-to-medium sized venue. They will have an opener which is usually local that you may or may not have ever heard of, if you read the tiny print of listings for clubs. The opener is pretty good. If you remember you look them up and maybe even buy a CD, if you don't actually buy one at the show. If you go to enough shows you will have a tidy little pile of these discs that may or may not be as good as you remember.

Last year I was busily trying to see Luna shows as much as possible before they split up. In Philly they had an opener called the Comas (, who I subsequently saw on a sampler disc for a moderately well-known label. Another opener who impressed me were Joy Zipper (, who opened for Luna at the Bowery Ballroom on their next to last night. I was struck by how both of these bands had elements that were somewhat Luna-esque, and found out later that they had been hand-picked to go on the farewell tour by the band. Good exposure.

Where was I going with all of this? I am knocked out by how much interesting stuff there is out there, and satisfied with my haphazard methodology.


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