Thursday, March 16, 2006

Remember my posting about money and what to do with it? Well, today as I eat my cereal before I buckle down to work I am mulling over this article on MSN. I may have to read the book the author mentions - sounds like it may discuss some of what I was starting to get at, the issues behind why I spend and don't save. Not surprisingly, the author suggests it could be a woman thing. I'm willing to believe it. As I said, my mother didn't teach me anything practical about money except get a man to handle it (my own dad was useless with a checkbook and a bit of a spendthrift, so I'm not sure that lesson worked).

I know I can figure out what I need to do with my money - I'm not really worried about that. But it seems so frustrating that there could be some emotional block that might keep me from doing better with what I have. Anyway, awareness is the first step, right?


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