Thursday, February 23, 2006

A la recherche du temps it is 2006 already and I need to get back to posting on my beloved BLOGGG.

Well! The random thoughts of the week are two (2) that I can recall so far:

1. Do big tires make a vehicle more MANly, or do they make you look like the guy who tries to impress his girlfriend by insisting that he *needs* extra-large condoms?

2. Why don't people give old-Testament names anymore, like Shem or Zilpah or Bilha or (my favorite) Ham?

So hi, and welcoe to 2006. And my blog. Things went off the rails there for various reasons. Most of them are far too personal for ya'll to care about, but as I have time I may let a few details slip.

For now I'm happy to be back.

Please enjoy this link to something I thought was cool recently as my humble offering.


Blogger karen said...

Blog on! I linked to you, since that's about the only thing I've figured out how to do in HTML.

I must say that Air China had very nice meals in coach when I went last year. In-country flights have been more disappointing since Big Peanut Fear brought low-fat pretzels to the friendly skies...but -really- don't get me started about the peanut thing.

2/24/2006 01:09:00 AM  

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