Saturday, February 25, 2006

Instead of writing thoughtfully on the issues that matter to me, or sharing insights on things found while poking around on the "innernets" I found myself last night wrestling with a multi-headed serpent called SpyFalcon. It's a malware that will pop up with a very realistic-looking warning that your computer is infected, then it helpfully shows you its own "spyware" package you can run if you register RIGHT NOW. I guess it's the latest incarnation of SpyAxe.

I love this. It's so ironic - spyware that warns you about spyware.

All the same, I resembled that sculpture of Laocoon battling with serpents (see it here: as I fought to get online (it installed itself as the homepage, of course, and shut down when I tried accessing other sites) and get to McAfee so I could install upgrades. In the meantime, I also found nice anti-malware suite called Ewido which cleaned up what McAfee couldn't. Anyway, this is a relatively new phenomenon, so some of you may be vulnerable. The fix instructions are here:

It was a good thing I did upgrade all my secuity stuff because apparently my system is choking with trojans. I feel so unclean.

You Mac users can stop snickering anytime.


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