Monday, November 21, 2005

Not Fooling Anybody: Home

A random link that allows me to indulge my love for retro things, architecture, and renewal/recycling. Oh, and commercial signage too.

Does anyone else remember the Red Barn? It was a mid-late 70s fast food outlet that offered BOTH fried chicken and burgers. Funnily enough, its buildings were meant to resemble - you guessed it! Barns. I think there's still a couple somewhere in upstate NY masquerading as other things.

Man...mem'ries...we used to have Red Barn every Tuesday night when I was between the ages of 6 and 9 because that was the night the Town Board met and my mom as editor of the town paper had to cover the meetings. This was my dad's idea of feeding us, surprise surprise.

Actually the McDonald's in town replaced a much older local chain place called Jester's, which was into hot dogs and burgers and featured a clown character as its mascot. The buildings were round and had some groovy stained glass around the roof, which rose to a spire on top. But not at all in a churchy way. It was next door to the Minuteman station, which had a logo featuring a gas pump anthropomorphized into a perky redheaded boy in a jaunty cap and bowtie uniform.

The commercial enterprises of my childhood seem to be so vivid...what's up with that? I can sing you jingles from department stores that have long gone out of business and describe the free collectible drinking glasses from every filling station and fast food joint that gave them away in the years 1976-1983.

If I am a product of my times, I want to know what the people who created those times meant for me to become.


Blogger Miriam said...

They wanted you to become plastic. You have dissapointed them. Shame shame...

12/02/2005 01:41:00 PM  

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