Sunday, November 20, 2005

Gulf Coast slaves : SF Indymedia

This just happens to be the most recent article I could find on the workers down on the Gulf Coast. I'm watching the PBS show "Now" which is covering the same thing and I'm getting more and more livid.

DAYS after Katrina hit Bush rolled back the Davis-Bacon act basically so that government contractors could bring in undocumented workers and pay them less than the going rate to work on the cleanup. They were already planning what to do in the aftermath for maximum profit while people sweated and went hungry and waited for help.

People were actually being recruited down in Central America and encouraged to come to New Orleans as undocumented workers...where the company who hired them (a subsidiary of Halliburton, by the way) is putting them up in substandard conditions and forcing them to work without adequate safety precautions.

Where do I begin? Do I really need to outline the reasons for my outrage?


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